Chazz Balkwill

Chazz Balkwill

Chazz Balkwill

When painting landscapes, Chazz Balkwill’s objective is to capture the spirit of Northern Canada, as he puts it “To express the emotions felt when he is in the midst of her awesomeness”. 

He is inspired by the moody tension that builds between the changes in seasons, as when summer slips into fall, a stormy weather front moving in or the silence experienced just after the weather clears. He prefers a sunrise or sunset to noon, and is in awe of the trees and rock that have been ripped, torn, and shredded through years of assault by wind and water.

Chazz works predominantly in oil, and has developed a somewhat abstract realistic style by including key elements into each painting: big semi-impressionistic skies and stylized versions of the rock; roots; crevices; and mosses that collectively make up the floor of Canada’s unique rugged wilderness. And, of course, there are the trees: the Pines, the half-dead Hemlocks, and his signature, the Birch that fringe a lake's edge, all added with the goal of unconsciously freeing emotions, unlocking memories and drawing us into to the spirit of the North. 

“I learned when I was young what I love so much about our Northland. It’s the rough edges. The rough edges are what makes it so beautiful”

Chazz Balkwill lives in Oakville, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Pieces by Chazz

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