Mary McIninch

Mary McIninch

Mary McIninch

The artwork of Mary McIninch can best be described as intuitive, layered, and zen-like in feeling. Practicing abstract, non-representational art, Mary’s work evokes a sense of depth and mystery that may not always be found in representational work.

 Working in mixed media, much of Mary’s work involves paper and collage. “Paper is full of unique characteristics in its texture, colour, lines and wrinkles. It absorbs and repels the paint, creating variations in design, adding an element of surprise to my process.” 

For Mary, uniqueness lies in the tension between mediums. Using paint, fabric, paper, spackle, sand, cheese cloth, old book pages, stamps, script and lettering, to name a few, Mary aims to maintain that tension and resistance the various mediums provide. “I bury images, scrape into them, deconstruct, and re-apply paint as I work. I use sponges, palette knives, brayers, and brushes. Sometimes the piece is mostly paint and sometimes it is mostly papers.”

 Mary’s artistic influences include Jean Francois Provost, Rachel Gareau, and Eelco Mann. She has taken many courses and studied under Ottawa art teachers, Sue Ukkola and Suzanne Warren Powel. 

Pieces by Mary

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