Sara Alex Mullen

Sara Alex Mullen

Sara Alex Mullen

Characterised by unrestrained brushstrokes, youthful tone, and vibrant colours, Sara’s work strives to re-intepret landscapes inspired by her every day surroundings.   Intuition guides her colour choices, composition and brushwork, with blue, gold, orange and purple among her signature colours. Sara’s work depicts classic Canadian landscapes, highlighting some of Ottawa’s most beautiful parks, such as Pine Hill, Stanley Park, and the Rockcliffe Rockeries.

“Once I started landscape painting, I started to experience my environment differently. Snow, pavement, and tress were no longer white or grey, but different hues of blues, purple, and pink. I started to notice the subtleties in colour variation and the unique colours that shadows display.” 

Gordon Harrison and the Group of Seven have provided great influence on Sara’s work. Sara studied at the Ottawa School of Art under Blair Paul, where she learned the foundation of colour mixing and landscape techniques as well as with Gordon Harrison at his private studio.

Sara’s work hangs in private and corporate collections in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, USA, and England.

Pieces by Sara

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