Grand Re-Opening

Sunday, August 26, 2018
Grand Re-Opening

SANTINI GALLERY Celebrates its Grand Re-Opening at our new location! Please join us to celebrate our big move and to take in our new exhibit, Chasing Dreams. 

Chasing Dreams by Viviane Bergevin and Soraya Silvestri
On display September 4th- 30th
Opening Reception Saturday, September 8th from 3pm till close

Chasing Dreams by Viviane Bergevin and Soraya Silvestri explores both vivid and loose landscapes and skies, with a strong dream like quality reflected in each piece. While their inspiration for this collection came from different places, both Viviane and Soraya aim to capture the feeling of awe and wonder in beautiful, natural scenery, with an aire of abstraction.

For Viviane, this collection was about capturing visual memories, rather than working from imagination as she often does. Her palette is inspired by a summer vacation to Thailand, as well as weekends spent here at the lake. Water is prominently featured, as are fiery skies and rich saturated colour.

For Soraya, this collection captures a summer of relaxation, reflected in her softer palette. The sky is a constant source of inspiration as a notion to a realm beyond. Lush, defined clouds, horizon and skylines, and water (also inspired by summer visits to the lake) make up this body of work. 

Paired together, their work balances one another and covers all ground from rich and vivid to soft and lush, this collection perfectly captures dreamy views, destinations and palettes. Whether you find excitement in far away destinations or summers at beautiful Canadian lakes, this exhibit is sure to inspire.